About Us

European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) is an annual Education Exhibition, which facilitate European Higher Education institutions to directly meet Indonesian prospective students who are seeking to further their higher education, specifically in Europe. This event is dedicated to helping students discover numerous educational opportunities available in Europe. Students will connect with representatives from universities, institutes, colleges, government agencies and many more international institutions.

During 9 years of work, EHEF 2016 was the eighth annual event and Indonesia’s biggest European education fair with 140 institutions with over 14 participating European countries. EHEF have successfully attracted more than 20,000 students from over 140 national high schools and universities across three cities each year. Beyond the number of participants recorded, we expect to have more students to attend the exhibition, as we utilize extensive promotional campaigns that stretch out across various channels.

Easy Gateway to Explore Europe”

In the end of 2016, EHEF would like to further reach out and best-prepare Indonesian and Asian prospective students before they meet the University’s admission team on site. Based on this idea, EHEF is dedicated as a platform for students to find and make a right choice of study program or university across the region. Besides, this one-stop information site accommodates education Institutions, students, and parents’ needs.

Our vision is to create one sustainable web to provide accurate and reliable information about study in Europe, so you will get your personalized fair everyday. We also aim to link Asia’s EHEF to strengthen our universities and students’ database.

To meet this goal, we transformed our website to EHEF.id, enriched with over 5,000 study programs database from state-accredited institutions all over Europe. With suitable information, prospective students would be supported to fulfill their dreams and journey of studying abroad, especially in Europe. Access our unique database and utilize the study plan features in your EHEF.id account to compare across several top listed areas - such as tuition fees, financial aid available, location, cost of living, and language of instruction. Maximize your time and explore the best-fit-university of your choice!

One Step Closer to Europe

Your EHEF account allows you to:

  • Screening your preferences Higher Education Institutions. Your detail information will help us bring the best university on your screen in a minute.
  • Make your profile visible to European Higher Education Institution, that is looking to recruit talented candidates
  • Connect you to the admission offices you are interested with direct messaging and further lead you to the current students or alumni, hence you can ask the questions and find information that is most important to you (future development)
  • Receive up-to-date news from EHEF and targeted universities (events, newsletter, etc.) to really get a feel for what they are all about
  • Be notified about scholarships that available in Europe
  • Keep you organized throughout all your searches in the wish list room

As you consider beginning your great adventure in Europe, let EHEF.id help you take control of your ‘getting ready’ process!